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Social  Media  Management

Regardless of your current social media activity level, my aim is for you to become more prolific online so that you’re seen as a stand-out candidate in your field.


If you’re going to take part in social media, make it count and do it properly. This means I’ll ensure you’re posting new content each and every day, replying to people commenting on your posts. Liking and Following back where relevant, replying to direct messages, finding new Followers, Unfollowing non-Followers and getting involved in conversations in order to meet people online.

Anyone can post on social media, it’s creating the content that’s the difficult part. You must have original and fresh content. I can deliver this for you and offer you service over 3 levels: Having the idea and writing the words for a post Creating a post by combining imagery, words your logo


Post the content to your desired target platforms daily.

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